!A world submerged in a sad peace

.In Mohammad Tabatabai’s exploring point of view, expelled man from Paradise has no place on the Earth and for this reason is suspended while traveling to a new land in a very dark and quiet space

The sad stillness of the space tells us about decomposing an optimistic security. A mandatory peace for survival is the result of the whole history of human life. The figures are called to an absolute silence, an inevitable silence that has come willy-nilly after a fruitless controversy to make “being” possible

In these ghostly figures, woman is a concept swinging between two meanings: in the first concept, she appears as a sacred creature that is a symbol of birth and fertility to make life possible. You can experience peace and security in her arms. But in the second concept, she is a young, beautiful and enchanting woman that her creative power is reached to absurdity. She is a creature with disheveled hair that failure to visualize her face besides her grandiose cloths will intensify this swing

In this way, all audiences experience a moment of suspense in Mohammad Tabatabai’s Paintings; a calm yet daunting suspension

Somayeh Ramezanmahi